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Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership Reprint edition by Jones, Laurie Beth (1996) – Paperback

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Surviving Your Dissertation 3rd Edition –  Paperback

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Financing Education in a Climate of Change (12th Edition) – Paperback

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Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation: A Road Map From Beginning to End Third Edition – Paperback

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Rigby Literacy: Writer’s Handbook – Paperback

The Writer’s Handbook is just the place to look for all kinds of answers. It covers rules for questions about spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Think of The Writer’s Handbook as a place to find answers. (For 4th/5th/6th grades)

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Raising Good Children: From Birth Through The Teenage Years – Paperback

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Key Questions for Educational Leaders 1st Edition Paperback

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Qualitative Educational Research: Readings in Reflexive Methodology and Transformative Practice 1st Edition – Paperback

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The Christian Mind: How Should a Christian Think? Paperback

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